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5 Self-Care Ideas You Can Try This Year

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This year has been much different than any of us expected, to say the least. At Sensational Smiles, we usually spend the summer having backyard BBQs with family, attending friends’ weddings and going on vacations. Instead, we’re hanging out at home, hosting socially distant gatherings and staycationing in our hometown.

We’re also taking advantage of this extra downtime to show ourselves a little self-care. The current pandemic has been stressful for everyone in so many different ways, so we all deserve to slow down, take a pause and breathe. Whether you’re off work or school, adjusting to working from home, or are still business as usual, here are some self-care tips for taking care of yourself this year.

Why Does Self-Care Matter?

First of all, we want to highlight why self-care is important. Most of us think we take care of ourselves — we eat right, we exercise and we find time for the things we enjoy — but we also live in a culture that tells us we always have to be busy. If you’re not available 24/7 by phone or email, you probably feel like you’re not being productive enough. But this constant state of busyness not only isn’t sustainable — it’s not healthy. You work yourself to the bone only to be left tired and burned out.

How much time do you really take for yourself? Not working or doing things for someone else, but truly focusing your energy on what you personally need in that moment? Self-care is any activity that you do specifically to improve your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. It could be taking a hot bath, going to a yoga class or eating a nutritious meal. Self-care is anything that fills you up and makes you feel better. On the flip side, it is not anything that takes away from your emotional energy.

Struggling to find ways to take care of yourself? Here are some self-care ideas you can try.

Ways to Practice Self-Care

Take a Nap

Let’s start super simple with a self-care activity that every single one of us can do today: taking a nap. Many people already give themselves the time and space to nap, so if that’s you, keep doing it! Napping can reduce fatigue, improve your mood and boost your performance, as long as you stick to 20 minutes maximum. (If you nap for too long, you might wake up groggy and disoriented.)

Have a Home Spa Day

Time to bring out the bubble bath, essential oils and lotions. One of the best ways to show yourself some love is to pamper yourself. While going to an actual spa might be a little more luxurious, it might not be the safest place to be right now. And why spend the extra money when you can get all the benefits of a spa day from the comfort of your own home? Draw yourself a bath, grab some magazines and light a candle. You deserve some deep relaxation.

Get Your Dream Smile

Straightening your smile is a perfect way to do something positive just for you. Not only will you benefit from better overall health — you’ll have more self-confidence and you’ll be happier to show off your beautiful new smile. Turns out that a straight smile is the self-care gift that keeps on giving: people respond better to people who smile, and people who smile more are also perceived to be more successful. Fortunately, with Sensational Smiles, you can easily and effectively straighten your teeth with our at-home Invisalign treatment. It’s the most convenient and affordable way to get the smile of your dreams.

Write a Daily Journal

Journaling has long been said to provide many benefits for emotional health. But how much of that is really true? A lot! Journaling is incredibly powerful and literally everyone can benefit from writing out their thoughts and feelings. Journaling helps you to prioritize your problems, make decisions, understand your feelings, and recognize patterns in your life and behaviors. It can boost your mood, increase self-awareness and improve your memory. Start by writing for just 10 minutes every morning and work up from there. If you stay consistent, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see results.

Start a Meditation Practice

Meditation is one of those things that seems scary and intimidating until you actually try it for yourself. Then you see firsthand how simple and effective it really is! When you think of meditation, you might be picturing some ancient yogi guru sitting like a pretzel for hours on end in silence. Nowadays, meditation isn’t really like that and is much more common than you might think. Everyone can benefit from meditating for as little as a few minutes a day, so start small and see how it feels. If starting a meditation practice feels foreign to you, there are countless meditation apps that can help ease you into it, such as Headspace or Calm.

Remember, self-care doesn’t just happen once. It should be an ongoing practice that consistently improves your physical and mental state. After all, you can’t show up as your best self for anyone else until you take care of yourself first. How are you practicing self-care this season? Ready to take the first step towards a brand new you? Contact Sensational Smiles to learn more about our smile solutions.

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