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Can I Get Invisalign to Close Gaps Between My Teeth?

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Are you worried about gaps between your teeth? Tired of hiding your smile because your spaced out teeth make you feel self-conscious? Are you wondering how to close gaps in teeth? The good news is, gap teeth is one of the most common problems when it comes to tooth alignment and can be treated with Sensational Smiles’ at-home Invisalign® treatment.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect when you get Invisalign for gaps, in this post, we’re answering:

What is gap teeth?

Simply put, gap teeth is when there’s too much room in the jaw and there are one or more gaps between teeth. We know a gap between teeth can make you feel self-conscious, but spacing isn’t just a cosmetic concern. Gaps also create more areas for plaque, bacteria, and food debris to hide, making you more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay. 

You might also want to know that spaced out teeth aren’t in the correct position for an aligned bite. This can lead to uneven wear, jaw pain such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD), and even the deterioration of your jaw bone.

What causes gaps in teeth?

Gaps in your teeth are pretty easy to see and feel, but how did they get there? What causes them? Spacing can be genetic and can happen because your teeth are too narrow for your jaw or your jaw is to wide for your teeth. Excessive gum tissue, which is typically genetic as well, can also lead to separation and a gap in the front teeth. Some people have gap teeth from an accident or sports trauma that caused teeth to fall out.

In other instances, certain oral habits are the reason behind spaced out teeth. Habits from early childhood like thumb sucking and prolonged pacifier use can create a gap: the thumb or pacifier puts pressure behind the upper front teeth, causing them to drift. Tongue thrust — which is your tongue pushing on the back of your teeth for extended periods of time — might also push the teeth apart and result in a large gap between the front teeth. Missing teeth will obviously create gaps between teeth, too.

How does Invisalign close gaps?

It’s safe to say that wearing Invisalign can fix gaps efficiently and effectively. When you use Invisalign for gaps, each set of Invisalign trays gently pushes your teeth into position, until you’ve gone through all your trays and are left with a gap-free, gorgeous smile. In fact, when it comes to closing a gap discreetly, Invisalign is a great option. With Sensational Smiles, you get exceptional oversight from board-certified orthodontists with the convenience of at-home Invisalign treatment. As Top 1% Diamond+ Invisalign providers, Dr. Manal Ibrahim and Dr.Christine Gin are experts in how to close a gap without braces. You’ll be off to a successful start towards ideally-spaced, straight teeth and a functional bite with Sensational Smiles Invisalign treatment. 

How long does invisalign take to close gaps?

Well, it depends on your case. For some, Invisalign can fix gaps in as little as six months, while for others, treatment will last over a year. But although everyone’s Invisalign treatment is customized, Sensational Smiles is 60% less expensive than traditional Invisalign treatment.

What happens when I get Invisalign to close gaps in teeth?

When you choose Sensational Smiles’ at-home Invisalign to fix gaps between the teeth, your smile makeover is essentially three easy steps. The first step is a free consultation that includes a digital scan of your teeth. From the scan, we create a computerized 3D model of your mouth. Your board-certified orthodontist will then examine you and map out your custom treatment plan which they’ll send to the Invisalign lab. The lab will then print out your personalized series of custom clear aligners. 

Step two? Pick up your Invisalign aligners and start your at-home treatment. You’ll wear each set of Invisalign aligners for about one week; as you make your way through the series, the spaces between your teeth will close and your new smile will take shape little by little. We should mention that you’ll need to wear your clear aligners 22 hours a day, everyday. Only take them out to eat, when you’re drinking anything other than water, and when you brush and floss your teeth. Be sure to also brush your clear aligners daily with warm water and a soft toothbrush. 

During your treatment, if you find you’d prefer comprehensive Invisalign treatment (all the bells and whistles!), we’ve got your covered. You can even apply $2,150 of your initial investment towards your upgrade. Our upgrade guarantee includes check-ins with Dr. Ibrahim or Dr. Gin so they can see how you’re progressing and fine tune your treatment if needed

Once the active phase of your Invisalign treatment is complete, you’re onto step 3! Show off your new smile and retain that gapless, straight grin with a retainer. Yes, a retainer is necessary for most after-care, regardless of your appliance. 

Invisalign with Sensational Smiles includes a retention retainer for you to hold your teeth in their new positions for the first three months after treatment, which helps prevent gap teeth from reoccurring. Your teeth have done a lot of hard work moving into position and need time to settle. After three months, you’ll still need to wear a retainer to lock in that gapless smile and we suggest Vivera® retainers, sometimes referred to as Invisalign retainers since they’re made by the company that makes Invisalign. These clear, removable retainers are 30% stronger than any other clear retainer on the market to ensure your results last a lifetime. 

If you’d like to find out more about how at-home Invisalign treatment with Sensational Smiles can close the gap between your teeth, schedule a complimentary virtual consultation with us today. Get the stunning smile, straight teeth, and functional bite you deserve — no gaps in sight!

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